Post a Stray Pet

Help them find their way home.

Use this form if you have spotted, what appears to be, a stray animal.

This information will be available to Monadnock Humane Society (603) 352-9011 ext. 101 ) and, potentially, to thousands of people in its service area including the pet's owner. If the owner of the reported stray is located, the MHS will notify you and handle the return of the animal to its home.

Important information for people finding stray animals:

  • The owner of a dog or cat has seven days to report and reclaim her lost animal. People who find a stray and wish to adopt it, should first contact their local police department and report it as well as post it to this database.
  • If you decide to bring it in to Monadnock Humane Society they will, by law, hold it for 7 days and keep it posted on TTE. After this time, MHS has custody. If you want to adopt it, you would work through them.
  • If you post a stray on TTE and end up returning it to the owner or keeping it, please update your post here.
  • View Missing Pets on the chance that the animal you are posting here has already been posted on Missing Pets.

Photo Tips:
  1. A bad photo is better than no photo.
  2. Most important feature should be near the center.
  3. Portrait better that landscape.

About the Stray You Spotted

NOTE: Please include a PHOTO OF THE STRAY. Have one ready on your device / computer before proceeding.


Contact Information:

This section will be seen only by the MHS so that we can contact you if we find the owner.