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Use this form if your own pet is missing.

This information will be available to the Monadnock Humane Society and, potentially, to thousands of people in the MHS service area. If you have a missing pet, you should also check the "View Stray" list regularly.

Before or right after you post...

Did you check your garage, outbuildings, cellar and those of your neighbors? As we collect more information on missing animals (especially cats) we find that many of them become trapped in a nearby building. Ask your neighbors to check these places.

Help us keep our records accurate.

If your pet's "Missing" status changes, do a Status Update (under the Missing Pets menu). Thank you!

Photo Tips:
  1. A bad photo is better than no photo.
  2. Most important feature should be near the center.
  3. Portrait position is better that landscape.

About Your Missing Pet

NOTE: Please include a PHOTO OF YOUR PET. Have one ready on your device / computer before proceeding.

(Posts are deleted after 3 months. You are allowed to re-post.)


About the Pet Owner

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It is okay for someone to contact me by email with information on my lost pet (your email address will not be displayed to the public).